SLI Monthly Scholarship Membership Service

The SLI Monthly Scholarship Membership Service is our most popular and affordable coaching program. 7th grade thru college students will walk through a duplicatable process in monthly modules, in which they can learn how to get into and pay for college! Click the videos below to learn more! THIS PROGRAM WOULD BE A GREAT BIRTHDAY OR CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR KIDS & GRANDCHILDREN!

This course is for students who are seeking an exponential chance to earn 6- or 7-figures! It definitely hits the mark with the family that just needs to be pointed in the right direction! Major Betz does this and so much more in this online curriculum-based version of his wildly successful EP21 (non-profit). 

This program is for the family who just needs to know what to do! If they are told what they need to do to get scholarships, they have the time and ability to do just that; earn a lot of scholarships! We want to help them do just that! MAJOR BETZ WILL CONDUCT LIVE Q&A CALLS MONTHLY TO HELP YOUR STUDENTS!

Enroll in a course that will change your teen's financial future as you go through your workbook full of duplicatable success principles! Prepare to be amazed! Watch the first two videos below then get started today! Can't pay the entire amount up front (Gets you 3-yrs at a 66% savings or $2,292!)? You can use Paypal 0% interest, same as cash for months while you get your funding together. If you don't need acess to entire course up front, enroll in our low monthly fee program for access to each module and then continued access to our great content as long as you are a member. 

The 3rd video below quickly explains our monthly membership program! Click here to learn more if you are interested in the monthly program which is not always offered. Like I do with the "McDonald's McRib", take advantage of the membership when offered before the sale closes. The "decreasing annual pricing" ended on Aug 10th, so don't miss this monthly service while offered! (Ask us about GROUP discounts for your company’s employees, church’s congregation, or school district’s students)


1. Personal Monthly Tutoring by Major Betz (classroom setting)

2. Other Video/Audios/Books throughout course 

3. Middle School thru College Student Tips and Strategies

4. Timeline Reviews & social interactions

5. Monthly group Q&A's & so much more!

6. Access to SLI vault of proprietary books/video/audios/etc. for 36-months (if paid up front); it's a great family plan or long-term investment in Major Betz! 

7. Pay low-cost monthly fee for one module access at a time! (stop whenever you want...but you won't for at least 8-mo!)

If you decide to upgrade to our "1-on-1 Coaching" programs, you can use money paid for the Monthly toward the regular price of the "1-on-1 Coaching" programs. 

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