Prep 1-on-1 Coaching

This 1-on-1 Coaching Program is perfect for families who have students that deserve to earn full-ride scholarships! If you aren't sure your student is one of those students, fill out the Scholarship Diagnostic Assessment HERE. We are looking for High Achievers and Earners who want to earn 6-7 figures! Select Scramblers may be ready, but this process is only for serious candidates!!!

This program was designed to exponentially increase a student's chance to win BIG SCHOLARSHIPS, based on the success of his best students over the last 14-years! THIS WOULD BE A GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR KIDS & GRANDCHILDREN!

This program is one where Major Betz works with a select few students around the country to help them personally work on their individual scholarship plan. The SLI team also reviews all the student's essays BEFORE they submit them to the Scholarships Boards.

Enroll in a course that will change your teen's financial future as Major Betz works with your student's as he would his own kids! Prepare to be amazed! Watch the video below then get started below today! The program is limited, so we won't accept all students.

(Note: we don't guarantee 6-figure results, but we know you will make more with us than without us! Consider your Return on Investment and let us help!)

If this program is cost-prohibitive, check out our full-paid or monthly membership program. We even have GROUP discounts for your company’s employees, church’s congregation, or school district’s students). Learn more at:


1. 1-on-1 live monthly call/training by Major Betz

2. Live recorded 1-on-1 video of calls with Major Betz

3. Access to ALL other SLI coaching programs for 3-Years (siblings love this too!)

4. Access to SLI vault of proprietary books/video/audios/etc

5. Periodic Group Q&A's, essay reviews (for 1-Year), & so much more! 

If you don't want help with essay or application review, ask us about how you can knock 40% off our regular price. 

(Note: Major Betz reserves the right to refuse working with a student w/o explanation)

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